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What is Vibrant Health Alliance?

Vibrant Health Alliance, or VHA, is a 12-month intentional and motivational membership program that empowers you to enhance your current lifestyle and wellness efforts in a supportive community dynamic. If you are stuck in certain areas or are wanting to fine-tune aspects of your health, this is the program for you. Group classes, goal setting, and accountability provide education and inspiration under the expert guidance of a knowledgeable and passionate Naturopathic doctor. You’ll acquire resources, tools, and action plans to help you transition into a more vibrant life. Eat well, be well, and live well – naturally. Two hours per month is a potent yet easy investment. This mindfully-crafted program focuses on transforming three critical areas of health:

  • Sustenance: whole foods nutrition and anti-inflammatory diet strategies
  • Self: mind-body medicine and the newest research in neuroscience and epigenetics
  • Surroundings: detoxifying your home and products

VHA enrollment will open in October 2016, for the next session beginning in January 2017. Gift certificates, for a gift of health, are available. VHA graduates who have completed the program become VHA Alumni members, who continue to receive updates & encouragement from Dr. Villano, ND, and the opportunity for reunion gatherings. 


When & Where


VHA meets at the Confluence Health Conference Center, 1000 North Miller Street in Wenatchee, WA from January 12 through December 14, 2017. Classes are held every other Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm, plus four-hour quarterly intensives.


Membership Benefits

  • 12-month program to educate, motivate, stimulate, reinforce, and ultimately help you to succeed in reaching and maintaining your lifestyle and wellness goals.
  • 2 hours per month of education and motivation at bi-weekly classes, plus 4-hour quarterly intensives.
  • Private Facebook group for access, seven days per week, to discussion, sharing, and questions answered by Dr. Villano.
  • Dynamic, supportive community of likeminded members who share your intention of making wellness improvements.
  • All PowerPoints, recipes, and educational documents are available online for reference and printing.
  • An eco-binder for goals, accountability plans, and note-taking.
  • 41 continuing education hours available for LMPs.
  • VHA Membership Card to take advantage of discounts from local wellness sponsors. 
  • VHA Alumni membership: After graduation, you get to join the private VHA Alumni Facebook group for updates and encouragement, and attend free quarterly classes from Dr. Villano.

Local Wellness Sponsors

The VHA Membership Card provides discounts from mindful local businesses throughout the year.


Class Topics

Adrenals • Antibiotic Resistance • Antioxidants • Body Product Alternatives • Botanicals & Healing Herbs • Breathing • Cacao • Caffeine • Cleaning Alternatives • Cleaning Product Recipes • Comprehensive Whole Foods Nutrition: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat • Contaminants • Contrast Hydrotherapy • Determinants of Health • Detox Diet & Naturopathic Detox Support Tools • Detoxifying Your Home and Self-Care Body Products • Dry Skin Brushing • Electromagnetic Frequencies • Endocrine Disruptors • Epigenetics • Exercise • Fiber • Fragrance • GMOs • Gratitude • Green Medicine Cabinet • Green Shopping • Green Tea • Healthy Holidays • Healthy Whole Foods & Raw Recipes • Homeopathics • Hydration • Immune Support • Intermittent Fasting • Labels • Mind-body Medicine • Mindfulness • Minerals • Nasal Irrigation • Natural Anti-Inflammatories • Natural Pain Support • Nervous System • Neuroscience • Optimal Weight Strategies • Organic and Wild-Crafted Essential Oils • Organics • Oxalates • Pertinent Anatomy • Pesticides • Physiology of Digestion • Phytates • Plastics • Prebiotics & Probiotics • Psychoneuroimmunology • Purifying Plants • Radiation • Reframing • Relaxation Techniques • Safe & Healthy Oils • Sleep Hygiene • Stabilization • Steam Inhalation • Stress Management • Sugar & Cheese Addiction • Toxicity & Toxins • Triclosan • Vitamins • Water Safety • and more!

If you are unable to attend a class, the Powerpoints are posted to the Facebook group, along with handouts and recipes.


Membership Details

Enrollment is open now! Pre-registration required, and membership is limited to 30 participants. The new session begins January 12.


Year-long membership is $720 ($60 a month).
Second-year alumni receive a $60 discount, and third-year
alumni receive a $120 discount. This investment provides 41 class hours, an online group available seven days a week, exclusive membership discounts at local wellness sponsors, and more.


Prepay with Cash, Check, Debit, or Credit
Membership must be paid in full by the first day of class, January 12. Pay with cash or check and receive a 5% discount (up to $36)!

Enrollment is open!

Call Dr. Chandra Villano at (509) 393-5728 to sign up today!


Eat well. Think well. Live well. Be well.

Call Dr. Chandra Villano at (509) 393-5728 to sign up!

Vibrant Beginnings

From Dr. Villano: 
"I was inspired to create VHA out of what I have observed and learned from these life experiences: 

  • 10 years of working as an exercise physiologist in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
  • 25+ years of teaching corporate & community wellness classes and lecturing at state and national conventions.
  • 11+ years of practicing naturopathic medicine and witnessing my patients' efforts to follow my treatment plans.
  • My personal journey with addiction and lifestyle changes.

One of the principles of naturopathic medicine, Docere, is Latin for Doctor as Teacher. I feel that my strength and passion as a person and as a physician is that of teaching and helping others to learn. In observing my own and other people’s struggle with making and keeping long-term changes for well being, I have determined (and neuroscience confirms) that we benefit most from repetition, along with reliable education, inspiration, encouragement, and solid personal accountability."

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